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About us

Cubeia Ltd is a software and system provider for the igaming industry. Our core products include a turn-key online poker system, multiplayer server, back office and much more!

Our key strengths are:

  • System design, architecture and development
  • Technical strategy
  • Strong igaming experience

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Our services

  • Online Poker

    We have a complete turn-key system developed to operate an online poker system. Contact us for licensing details. You can find out more at Cubeia Social

  • Bespoke Development

    Cubeia have extensive experience working within the igaming industry. We can deliver high quality systems tailor made to your requirements.

  • Consultancy

    As expert consultants we can come in and help you with technical strategy and decision making. We specialize in igaming and startups.

  • Software Component

    We also offer various components, building blocks, for building solid igaming solution. Our back-office Cubeia Network can be used to power the user and account handling of any monetary system.